Garlic – Good For More Than Just Stopping Vampires!!


It is well known that should you find yourself at a well known Eastern European castle that having some garlic to hand can be quite useful, but what else is it good for.

Its health giving properties have been known for than 5000 years that’s even before the earliest writing came into being.

One particular benefit to note is it’s ability to help slightly with high blood pressure through being able to help widen blood vessels, though this is still being studied.

How to select Garlic, the fresher the better and make sure that it is not starting to sprout. Now one would assume that the best garlic would come from nice warm climates. As it turns out that countries like my own Ireland are pretty good for producing Garlic too and tend to have more of the health giving properties in them than those imported from Far East countries. The best garlic will happily last for quite a few months rather than just a few weeks if stored dry and dark at room temperature.

Garlic is a good source of vitamins B6 and C. It is also quite good in beneficial minerals to the body like calcium and iron and quite a few others too. Allicin seems to be what garlic has that provides this, this also seems to be what causes its very strong scent and that intense strong taste when being used. Garlic works well with many styles of cooking and with quite a lot more than just garlic mushrooms!!

So, whether you have a vampire lurking in the undergrowth or not, always have some cloves of Garlic to hand, you never know when they might come in useful.


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