The Times They Are A Changing



There was a time where we were told make sure you get your 5 a day, but some of the current thinking suggests that this is not enough and that we may need up our intake to 10 a day of fruit and veg. Wow, does leave room for anything else!!

But it actually may be easier than you realise, in fact you may be able to achieve quite a good part of this target just over breakfast. Like your cereal in the morning, well why not add something like dried apricot, blueberries, raspberries or blackberries along with a mix of nuts and seeds to your base cereal – cornflakes or another fibre flaked cereal. Mix it up on occasion and add in mashed or chopped Banana. Those numbers are already rising.

Lunchtime roles around and you will be surprised how many different vegetables can be put in a vegetable soup, even the least of them can be pretty much be guaranteed to contain at least 2.

Like your snacks? Natural yogurt or Greek yogurt is a great one as you can pretty decide how much or how little fruit you want to add rather than having that decision made for you, by buying one with fruit already added.

Now I think along with a lot of the others I may have mentioned this before, but don’t dismiss canned or frozen vegetables out of hand, these are great for always having in your store cupboard or freezer. These are great as a base for so many meals, tinned tomatoes being a prime example of a really versatile canned vegetable or should that be fruit? Let’s not get into that one, a debate for another day.

Pretty good chance that we have reached that new number!!

Nearly forgot fruit smoothies,silly me!!


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