Get On Your Bike



As anyone who is a regular reader of this blog knows I like to walk. Why, well I don’t have a car so I kind of have to barring longer journeys where I depend on the kindness of strangers or public transport.

Sometimes however I wish I could get there a little faster, one of the things on my wish list of late is reconnecting with the world of cycling. Now I am not saying that I wish to cycle a la the Tour De France, there are those who do that and good luck to them with that. All I want to do is maybe get a half decent bike, a helmet and get up on the saddle.

At present the closest health wise I have got to this is getting up on an exercise machine that allows you to recreate the exercise that getting on a bike gives you. Now unlike a lot of people the one I used was outside rather than in a gym, doing some good there I suppose.

So why get up on a bike, well getting on a bike is one of those physical activities that is particularly good for your cardio – vascular health. Just a word of advice though should you be new to cycling or returning to it after a long break – pace yourself. This is true for other forms of exercise too, ease yourself into it and extend the distance gradually over time and your body won’t be tempted to let you know that you are overdoing it a little.

So what are some of the benefit of getting up on your bike. Well the first one is quite obvious, the very fact that you are outside makes a difference rather sitting down on a coach. Getting back to an earlier point – it is good for your general aerobic fitness.It also helps when it comes to lowering your cholesterol levels.It also a great activity that all the family can take part in and a great skill to teach your children.

Well now that have told you of some of the benefits of cycling, I am convincing myself more and more that my next big purchase in life is a bike.





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