Have You Been Nibbling?


Well there is probably a good chance you might have today if you have been outside. To say that we are surrounded by snacks would be an understatement. There is so much to tempt us, how does one resist? You need to have very strong willpower indeed!!

Did you have your breakfast today? Well that might be start so to speak. When you wake up there is a good chance that you will not have eaten for many hours, then you say as you rush out the door to work perhaps, ” I don’t have time to stop for breakfast today or I am too busy ” perhaps you call into your local coffee place and what are you confronted by lots of sugary treats to tempt you. Your reserves are low and because you may have walked to that coffee place you now reach out and before you know it – snack 1 of the day has happened.

Really snacking is part being tempted by treats but also because we do not make enough time for those main meals in the day or even if we do, they don’t provide sufficient nourishment to our bodies. This is why eating healthily and well is so important. A good nourishing breakfast and two other well balanced daily meals with two other daily healthy snacks and that should be all your body requires to make it through an average day. A little bit extra water can also help with snacking as the body may actually want water but somehow our wires get a little crossed and the sugary snack takes the place of the water. We feel satisfied as that sugar rush kicks in but its effects are fleeting and the internal voice of snack temptation starts to creep back in.

It is worth doing a bit of research into what foods tend to release energy into the body more gradually, these foods mean that after eating them the body’s temptation to want to snack is significantly diminished.



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