Vitamin D -Sun, Food or Pill?



Vitamin D is an interesting vitamin in that it is not as readily available to us in the same way as a lot of other vitamins are. One of the best ways to get it is to get out in the sunshine. Have you looked outside in the northern hemisphere recently?
We really don’t get enough of it that way do we!!

The recent advice according to Vitamin D has posed the question. Do we need to add Vitamin D supplements between October and March?
Vitamin D is particularly important when it comes to a body that is still growing.
It helps to boost bone and muscle growth in a growing body.

But how much Vitamin D is enough? Does the amount of sun we get, give us enough of it? The answer seems at present is we will get back to you on that, based on how our bodies convert Vitamin D.

It appears that if we intake a balanced diet with things like oily fish and eggs mixed through it and get small amounts of sunshine during the Spring and Summer months that we do cover ourselves in that respect. The real issue with getting enough Vitamin  D seems to arise in the Winter months.

It will be interesting to see how this one plays out. Will the route be taken that Vitamin D supplements become the norm during the Winter or will it being added to foods be the route that gets taken. Milk has Vitamin D in it with some producers adding extra to them, so I am thinking that in the future the second route for upping our Vitamin D is going to be the most likely. Would you be able to remember to take a regular Vitamin D supplement pill?


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