How Balanced Are You?


Well we have heard it quite a lot, make sure to have a balanced diet. But what does that really mean in reality?

It really means that not too much of anyone thing in your diet. Here is a simple example of what I am talking about. Fruit is important to have as part of a balanced diet, but always remember that fruits have sugars in them, all be it natural sugars. How to balance this out up your intake of dark vegetables like spinach that day and that helps to reset the natural scales.

A balanced daily diet should also really give you all the nutrients and vitamins you need.This means that there should be no need to add any vitamin pills to this. Fish oil pills are also quite popular, but really all you need to do is add a little bit more fish into your diet.

It’s all about combining all the different types of food and mixing them through your daily diet without eating too much of anyone in excess. Now of course it unlikely that you will include every single one into one day’s food intake, that would be just too much work for our little bodies, wouldn’t it!!

So here’s a little guide below as long as you don’t have any particular dietary issues with any of these below.

Some daily bread , some rice or potatoes, a little bit of pasta and some food that contains a certain amount of carbohydrates in them.
A good mixture of fruit and vegetables throughout your daily diet.
Add some milk, a bit of cheese or yoghurt to your choice.
A daily portion meat or fish or maybe eggs or beans & pulses.

Backtracking a little and going back to the first one above, are you a vegetarian? If so well then consider including some non – dairy source of protein,that’s quite important that one.Some source of food that contains fats and oils, just not to excess.
Small amounts every now and again or very little of foods that contain a lot or are high in sugar,salt or fat.

As you will see from the list above, there is not too much of any one thing but a nice mixture. When it comes down to it that is really all at the heart of what a balanced diet is.





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