Feeling Sleepy Yet?


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Well last weeks blog was all about the importance of getting enough light in your life, but as it turns out having enough darkness in our life is equally as important to the healthy mind and body.

Without realising it what all this artificial light in our lives has done, which I also made mention of last week too is extend our natural cycle of the amount of hours that we are awake. This was never a problem for us in a time before electric light, yes I know that there were candles for many hundreds of years but that was a more subdued light. It pretty much meant that when it got dark it was bedtime. This is no longer the case, now thanks to electric light we pretty much live in a 24 hour world.

No body told our bodies however, it has never really caught up. Our bodies it appears have many internal clocks and while the one in your head is the primary one , there are actually quite a few more around the body that regulate what we do every day.

At the very least our bodies require seven hours sleep to operate properly during the day,this is actually quite an issue for shift workers as they are trying to turn the normal day on it’s head and the instances of these people having a greater amount of health issues is well documented.

So the next time there is a late movie on the TV late at night don’t be tempted to stay up, put it on record instead and listen to your body and head to your bed. Another thing to remember is no late night eating this also plays havoc with your bodies naturally rhythm, you are asking your body to stay awake and try and digest food when it should be shutting down for the night.

Feeling sleepy yet?


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