Get Out There and Lighten Up


Apologies for being a bit quiet on the blog front of late.It appears according to a recent US university study that getting out there into the wilderness is of benefit to you.

We live in a world of artificial light that plays havoc with our natural rhythm, we are being kept awake when we should be resting up and no that does not mean you can sit in front of the TV without feeling any pangs of guilt.Get up and get out – in the nicest possible way of course!!

Our natural rhythm, wants us to get up when it’s light outside and power down and get ready to rest as it gets darker. But with all this unnatural light in our lives that’s not what happens. If it happens occasionally no issue, but if this happens all the time it starts to have an affect on our health.

Watching this natural light cycle and paying more heed to it will benefit your general health and mood and ones ability to tackle those more physical tasks.

Even on a darker winter day with a lot less light, just being outside meant that when the study was conducted that there was still a benefit in terms of light absorbed than being inside and exposed to artificial light.

So if you look out and it’s not blowing a gale out there, why not get out there and lighten up. P.s Once I’m finished this blog that’s what I will doing.


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