Embrace The Now


While it is important to live a healthy life and eating well will certainly help that along, it counts for nought if you do not take a holistic approach to life. I suppose what I am saying is look after your mental well-being too.

Now however you find your bliss as they say that is really up to you whether it is a walk on the beach or a walk in the woods. This time of year seems to make us re-examine how we live our lives, who knows why. Is it that the turning of a new year make us look at things anew. Some may be tempted to join a gym, but ask yourself this before do, will you keep it up? If you feel a pause in your thought there is probably a pretty good chance that you may not. What I like about walking is that apart from a good pair of shoes and clothing and maybe some good tunes on your radio as you walk, that’s about it in terms of cost, so simple.

Life moves pretty fast these days, whether it’s being on social media or being bombarded with constant stimuli. But maybe take a look at this too, it does not need to be like this. Remember the power is in your hands, so take a step away from it now and again your mind is a muscle so rest it up from time to time.

Getting back to the title of this post about embracing the now, wow we are getting a bit zen here aren’t we!! We can all find many reasons not to do something that makes us feel good. So don’t overthink it and to borrow from a well known shoe manufacturer – just do it. I find art galleries are a great way of doing this, your choice may be different.

So don’t say ” Should I ” just say ” Why should’nt I “, life is so much enriching if you do.


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