Why Not Become An Occasional – terian


Okay spelling aside, this is a good thing to consider whether you are eating out or eating in, what I am talking about and I am sure have mentioned before is selecting the vegetarian option.

I myself need a bit of meat on my bones, so to speak but just occasionally I like to mix it up a little and pick or cook something vegetarian, it makes for a more varied diet if nothing else.

There are so many options out there these days, whether you are picking from a menu or a cookbook – so many in fact that I am not going to go into them here. Just to say that nut roast is not your only option.

If you decide to that you do want to cut out meat of your diet here are one or two things to consider before doing so.

Don’t go cold turkey – make gradual changes, try lots of options. Certain things you might like others not, but experiment till you settle on weekly and daily menu choices that you know you will stick. Every so often mix it up a little and try something new.

Do a bit of research – If you are going to leave meat out of your diet, look at what you are getting in meat that is beneficial to you. Then do a bit of research into where you can get those same things in the vegetarian diet.

So it appears that vegetarian is more than just munching on lettuce leaves then!! So don’t discount it from your meal choices – become an occasional -terian.


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