A New Year, Same Resolutions ?


Can it really be a whole month since I talked to you last, apologies for that.

Well I am sure that like me you enjoyed your Christmas and did not worry about all those extra calories we all consumed, but now guilt is setting in and you are probably making a resolution to eat more healthy.

Even if that was not on your own personal list, it’s quite hard to stick to the New Year’s resolutions isn’t. Here’s a wild idea, don’t make them. I never have, if I want make a life change I don’t wait till the new year to make them. Case in point is when I started to look at my lifestyle, eating and exercise,it was in September.

But if you are going to make a change, here are some things that I found worked for me at least.

Make smaller changes – Smaller changes are easier to make and generally are easier to keep. I found that gradually increasing my exercise by a few minutes and duration stuck with me.

Don’t join a gym in January if you won’t be there in June – While it might help your local gym’s bank balance can you see you using that gym in June. It costs nothing to go out for a walk or run, so start there,add in some warm -up exercises too if you like.

Don’t diet – They might work short term but can’t be sustained, better to take a look at everything you eat and try to eat fresher and better. While you won’t get instant results over time those life changes will produce results that will be more likely to last long term.

I promise that next time I won’t leave you without a blog post for so long, that’s my next resolution !!


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