Can You Eat Well Over Christmas ?


What a silly question to ask you say
” Of course you can, sure that is what Christmas is all about ”
Let’s be realistic here, you are going to indulge in some festive treats over Christmas, quite a few most likely and I won’t be any different. So embrace that fact and don’t feel guilty about it.

I suppose consider how you start the day, whatever happens after this meal well the first one is probably the most important, so at least have a good healthy breakfast. Porridge is best and add some seeds and fresh fruit to it. Embrace the fact that it’s Christmas and why not top it with some strawberries and blueberries, now you are ready to face whatever the day may present to you.

Well I know talk about this a lot but make sure to hydrate, no not too much of that, you know of which I speak !! Water I mean, water also aides digestion and this season surely presents some challenges to our body. We eat like kings and assume that our bodies won’t even give out even slightly.

Snacking, well you will won’t you and I don’t mean yet another Turkey and Ham sandwich.A nice heart warming soup and some brown bread with a bit of salmon on top, now doesn’t that sound much nicer.

We all are going to indulge over Christmas that’s for sure, maybe just leave that for the main meal of the day. Instead maybe surround it with more healthy choices throughout the rest of the day and of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas if you didn’t go for your Christmas walk would it.


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