Time Travel Is It Possible ?


Don’t worry readers you have not read wrong, this is your normal healthy living blog.

Maybe I should explain myself, I have not suddenly discovered the fountain of youth or anything like that. Well on the outside at least time takes it toll on us all, no magic solution there I’m afraid. On the inside of our bodies at least we might be able to do something there.

There are two ages in your life, the one we all know about and celebrate every year and then the less well known one, your metabolic age. This one can be influenced by how you live your life and how you eat. In fact it was finding out my metabolic age compared to my real one that started me on this journey. I am not quite ready for the pipe and slippers just yet !!

If you change how you eat and what you eat well you can turn back the metabolic clock. A more healthy diet pays off believe me, just on a day-to-day level if nothing else. Actually drinking more water does help too on the outside. You are not are not also hydrating your body, but over time it will benefit the skin as well.

Do I know exactly what my metabolic age is now, no but I know that it was going down when I started this journey. Not quite the pimply teenage self but on the inside I have certainly taken a few years off, which is nice.

As we are talking about the inside of ones body, one thing that you actually don’t see on the outside but is very important to watch is your visceral fat levels. This is important at any age but also as the years add up. Visceral fat is what surrounds your organs, a little is okay, too much not good. Living a more healthy lifestyle, a small of exercise and watching your water intake all benefit your levels of visceral fat and mean that your overall health is better.

As far as I know time – travel in reality is a few years off yet, unless you know different !!



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