Protein – Are You Measuring Up ?


Well when I started on my healthy eating and lifestyle change, among the advice I received was that I needed to add more protein and fibre into my diet.

Well I am sure that you have may noticed in wandering around your local supermarket that there are quite a few products creeping in that have added protein. In particular this relates to breakfast cereals. Well if you think that you may not be getting enough protein, you may be tempted to add this to your shopping basket, but before you make that choice pause a while and maybe pick up your normal cereal, no not those multi – coloured or strange shaped and sugared ones !!

If you go for the more healthy cereal options and you see that you also have an added protein version, well you actually might be better sticking with your original choice.

Why you ask ? Surely a protein added cereal is better. Well pick up the two cereals and turn them around, now scroll down the ingredients listing. Yeah you noticed it didn’t you, more sugar. This is not unique to this product. Check out some low -fat options in products like yogurt, the same.

What do I do now if I want to add more protein into my diet, well see that white liquid that you are pouring all over your cereal. Be a bit more generous and there you have it, it’s that simple. A bit more milk does the trick.

So how much extra protein do you get in that protein added cereal per serving over the non-protein added option. Well get about 5 peanuts ( unsalted naturally !! ) or about a finger’s height  on it’s side, that it. Not really worth that extra price is it.

Now if you find yourself with sometime to spare sit down and do a bit of research, there are so many more natural sources of protein out there. It will be worth it.


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