Should You Eat Like A Caveman ?


We have emerged into the modern world from the cave, but nobody told our bodies that. While we have evolved, our digestion systems still is set up to cope with what we ate when we still lived in the cave.

Our bodies still expect us to be eating seeds and berries and everything that a caveman might have eaten but our modern diet is far from that. In that therein may lie the problem, we are eating high sugar, highly salted  and highly processed foods.

Now I am not expecting to go to the closest large park and try and chase down the nearest deer. But maybe next time you wander around your local supermarket, it might be worth thinking a little bit more about what you just put in the trolley.

Really I suppose what I am saying is maybe consider cooking and preparing something a little more, rather than just opening the packet and popping it straight in the microwave or oven. The ingredients you use are more likely to be fresher and while they may not last quite as long as the pre – packed meals they are more likely to be better for you.

Another thing to consider is how much you actually buy each week or every time you go to the supermarket. Do you really need to buy that much. Unlike our caveman ancestors ,we do not need in this modern world to head out of the cave every morning looking for our next meal. Most supermarkets are not that far from where we live and are always well stocked. This is particularly important when deciding to eat fresh. There is a good chance that these shelves are regularly re – stocked, so why are you filling your trolley with some food that you know is never likely to see a plate. It is very wasteful.

Be a little smarter. Take a little leaf out of the caveman 101. Only have fresh food that you are likely to use up quickly within a few days. Try and eat closer to the way that your food fell out of the tree, came out of the ground or out of the sea. Finally consider weeding out the more processed foods from your diet. Fresher is always better.




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