Winter – Human Survival Tips



This post kind of leads on from last week’s but not planned that way, Autumn is here as I wrote last week and Winter is hot on it’s heels and these months ahead of us seems to be when are bodies are challenged more.

It can feel feel like a survival course to borrow from my title.

Well here are some tips that might help you to see Winter as a something to embrace like a warm cup of hot chocolate rather a cold snowball to the face.

Well the days are getting shorter this we know, and it is no co – incidence that bears hibernate in winter and while we probably don’t need to spend the whole winter in our modern caves take a leaf out of the bear’s survival skills, get a little more sleep. As the days get shorter our bodies just require it more. That’s what you can tell your boss when you turn up late for work on Monday morning !!

As long you don’t have an intolerance for dairy, make sure that include into your diet wherever you can, there’s lots of  beneficial vitamins in dairy products not just in milk and you will certainly make your milkman happy as you ask him for a little extra to your normal delivery. As we are mentioning vitamins remember to still eat a good daily intake of fruit and vegetables to build up your body’s defences for the coming winter.

Now this is sounds like common sense but it is amazing how many people never take a look outside and up before heading out. There is a well known saying which applies here,  There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing  – it’s Winter people, time to put those shorts and t- shirt away for now unless you happen to be in a nice centrally heated gym or your heating thermostat is not working !!

So enjoy this season, after all come mid December the days start getting longer again. It is important to embrace the small things isn’t it !!



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