Autumn Is Here


Autumn is here, well in the north of the globe at least. So it is all the more important to eat well, not just for ones physical but also ones mind.

Eating good hearty and wholesome food makes that cold frosty or wet day, not so hard to face into. Who doesn’t enjoy an  Autumn/ Winter bowl of nourishing porridge with berries, seeds, fruit and a sprinkle of cinnamon added, first thing in the morning . Almost makes me look forward to these coming seasons. All are great for feeding your body well any time of the year really, not just at this time of year.

We can’t depend so much on the vitamins that the sun provides during the summer, so it becomes all the more important to seek them from our food. Any dark vegetables will help provide those into your diet.

Eating well in the Autumn and Winter also means that our bodies are better defended when it comes to trying to fend off those coughs and sneezes that these seasons always seem to encourage out from the woodwork.

Having a stew or soup that that includes sweet potatoes or butternut squash in it’s ingredients seems to match the colours of the leaves as they turn their amazing russet Autumnal colours.

Right about now the hedges are creating a bountiful harvest of blackberries, this one is particulary good as most dark berries are probably the best ones to eat. But in today’s fast paced world, picking blackberries seems to be a timeless enjoyable activity that also helps your children connect with nature in a way that not many other things do nowadays.It’a also quite enjoyable to kick up those Autumn leaves, makes you feel like a kid too !!



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