Don’t Run Yourself Down


Now what I am going to be saying has no science behind it, but rather my own observations when trying to live a healthy life.

Everybody’s body is different and how much exercise you decide to do will be a personal choice. But I am firm believer that there is a tipping point in regular exercise when really all the good that it has done will have been done.

Exercise should have some pleasure with a little bit of pushing yourself thrown in for good measure. Your body will quite quickly adjust to what ever amount of regular exercise you do. Beyond that you will have to do a little bit more for more beneficial effects to accrue. Whether that happens to be an extra 5 mins walking or a little more time on the exercise bike, I will let you decide.

You are probably wondering how much exercise I do, well just about one hours walks split in two on my way to work. Ah the joys of living in the countryside where no travel option is very close, well at least if that’s public transport. At a certain point in my journey I did do a little more, but it is hard to keep that up for an extended period. Every so often I do a much longer trek to push myself but that’s it. No Iron Man Triathlon for me, that’s for the exercise zealots out there and good luck to them. Most of us find it hard to fit that type of exercise into our regular lives.

Really regularity is the key I have found, well that’s my personal experience anyway. I have found also that a bit of music with exercise always helps, you might surprise yourself how much exercise that you end up doing when you have the music to distract you. What music or maybe a downloaded podcast you decide go for well I will leave that up to you. If at all possible try and change your route also, it can be a bit boring if you decide to exercise on the same route again and again.

So go out there and exercise and wear good comfortable footwear, we don’t want blisters on our feet do we now !!



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