Snacking V Healthy Lifestyle, No Problem.


Now,if you are living a healthy lifestyle and drinking more water – you have thought probably, that’s goodbye to treating yourself and snacking then.

But I am here to tell you that snacking and a healthy lifestyle can co – exist. If you are eating well and drinking lots of water chances are that snacking urge will be lessened but from time to time that urge to snack will appear. What to do ? Ignore it,no embrace it and still snack well.

What are the choices if you want to snack well, well fruit is always the easiest option – whatever you happen to like and you don’t even need to blend them into a smoothie, just eat them as you find them. Just don’t overdo the daily fruit amount as fruit still contains sugars, all be it natural ones.

A mixture of seeds, nuts and dried berries in a handful is always is good, just make sure that the mixed seeds like sunflower and nuts are the dominant part of the snack as a bit like fruit eau natural, the dried fruit is still packed with natural sugars. Use something like fresh Blueberries or dried Cranberries rather than too many Sultanas in the mix. I find that even a small handful seems to cure an attack of the munchies.

One of my personal favourites, when snacking comes a knocking is a  nice simple and delicious one that’s also packed with goodness. Get yourself some pitta bread – wholemeal brown is best, stick it in the toaster to toast. Get some peanut butter – chunky or smooth, you decide. Yes, I did say peanut butter, this is something that is nice to eat and a snack food that is good for you. Once the pitta bread has toasted, let it cool for a few seconds then split it open with a knife, spread some peanut butter inside. Finally pop in some sliced Banana, mmmh delicious !!

See you can snack and eat well into the bargain. Oh, I should say just say a word about chocolate. A little bit just now and again as a treat, go ahead and if you prefer even go for a darker one they tend to the ones that are more beneficial. Just watch the portion intake, a few squares rather than the whole bar. But just before I sign off, I have a confession to make – no amount of talk about the benefits of darker chocolate works on me, not a fan of it’s particular taste, though you may have no issue with it. I just eat a small bar of milk chocolate every now and again !!



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