Yes You Can


Apologies for the intentional pun there readers, but don’t dismiss food in cans out of hand in your efforts to live a more healthy life. In fact many a soldier or explorer in times past could not have survived away from fresh food, if it had not been for tinned food. They were quite literally a live saver.

Now it is unlikely that you will face such a choice, but on your next trip to the supermarket make sure to top up on lots of tinned food. In your supply cupboard, if you always keep it topped up with tinned food, chances are that you will be able to construct a hearty and healthy meal from them along with a small amount of other ingredients.

As a general rule, tinned food tends to be priced cheaper than the dry or fresh option. Don’t assume however that means what is contained within is any less good for you.

I would never be without tinned fish – Tuna, Sardines e.t.c, best to go for those in sunflower oil rather than brine, but you can also use those ones in tomato sauce as well. Tinned fish is always a great healthy addition to any pasta dish and can be added in at the last minute. Fish is packed with healthy Omega 3’s

A dish like Chili Con Carne would be nothing without out Red Kidney Beans, but why bother with the hassle of pre-preparing the dry beans. Using the tinned option is so much simpler. As we are mentioning beans, most of them and other pulses can be bought tinned. Don’t worry if you don’t use all the can either. I find if any is left over I will put what is left into a small container and then into the freezer and you can then dig it out when you might use it as an ingredient in your next meal.

Remember that many a well known television chef or other chef will not dismiss using tinned tomatoes into their recipe over the fresh option. It should be noted as well that tinning food traps lots of nutrients inside the tin as the time between picking to tinning tends to be quite short.

So the next time you think tinned food, don’t assume that means nothing more exciting than just beans on toast again. It’s also quite healthy for the weekly family shopping spend too !!


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