Vegetables -Why Not Have Some Today


Well whether you make the major life change of going truly vegetarian or vegan or not, the importance of including vegetables in the diet can’t be overstated. They form one of the major building blocks in living a healthy life.

Right off the bat, I will admit that I am not a vegetarian but at the same time even if I am not that I always try to make sure that they are in at least one of the meals that I eat in a day.

If I am eating out, I don’t forget to look at the vegetarian options. They always seem every bit as tasty as those that contain meat, so I will often pick this option. As much to make sure that I have a varied comprehensive diet and I will admit that in eating them that I never feel ” Oooh, I am missing out here ”

Just a note when it comes to cooking vegetables, whatever way you decide to do it and I think that I may be repeating myself here from a previous blog post – boiling your vegetables will get rid of most of the beneficial vitamins that are contained in them.Roasting, steaming or even microwaving them are always better options for cooking vegetables.

A nice benefit of eating vegetables in the diet is that a lot of them with some exceptions, aren’t there always, that most of them are naturally low in fat and low generally when it comes to calories. Though I will preface this by saying that I just try to concentrating on eating healthier, if it happens to be low in calories that’s a nice bonus. I don’t as a rule ever calorie count, you can do it for a while but it’s hard to keep for any lenght of time.

Vegetables are packed with lots of vitamins and darker leafed vegetables are particularly beneficial. The health benefits of including both fruit and vegetables into to the general diet will benefit ones overall day to day health. It greatly helps the body to fight off infections and other health issues that we all face.

So look at what you eating today and think to yourself ” Can I add more vegetables into that meal “. Your body will thank you.


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