To Eat Out Or Not, Eat Out Of Course.


Sorry to those expecting a post last time, my excuse I went for a nice long walk in the forest and on the beach and very nice it was too with some great tunes to for my walk.

In fact as we are talking about being outside now is a good time to talk about eating out healthily that does not involve only selecting salad from the menu.

Now as a rule if I go out I tend to put healthy eating on the side and just order whatever I like the look of on the menu, there are plenty of other days in the week to eat healthily. But if you feel that you want to at least take a nod at picking from the good side of the menu, what do you do ?

Is it just me or are portion sizes getting larger ? I think they are to satisfy customers modern appetites, so if is this all you do well order a smaller portion. There’s a start.

Have a look, is there anything like omelette on the menu or look at what are the vegetarian options on the menu. There is a pretty good chance that any fairly decent restaurant or eatery will have at least a few vegetarian options on their menu and this does not always involves nut roast or hummus and I have once or twice gone for the vegetarian burger option and in no way felt that I was being short changed or going for the lesser option.

How often have you been asked ? ” Would you like fries with that “, well these days more and more places are offering the sweet potato option. Nothing wrong with potato option but sweet potatoes are an even better option as they are a low GI ( Glycemic Index ) food. In fact the place that I was recently offered the sweet potato option was not even a place you would normally associate with the healthier option – An American style burger joint.

Now I should preface that last statement by saying this was not the two most well known ones, however they do now offer more healthy options on their menus, so they are making an effort and the odd meal from these two is not going to upset your healthy living. Have it, enjoy but remember to watch your intake of these options.

When going out, make your meal choice by the ones that are most likely to use fresher and less processed ingredients, maybe be prepared to loosen those purse strings a little and spend a little extra as well.

We all like to eat out, rather than having to cook for ourselves all the time. It’s enjoyable isn’t it. One last little tip drink lots of water, pretty much everywhere unless you decide to pick the bottled version aren’t going to charge you for it and it also helps to aid digestion.


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