Don’t Overdo It !!


I am for once not talking about exercise, so sit down there and let me give you some of my shopping wisdom. Now there is a good chance that when you are trying to live more healthily that you will tend to buy more fresh produce.

But ask yourself before you fill up your shopping basket or trolley ? Am I really going to use this before my next shop or before the produce is on the turn and has to be disposed of.

There is a pretty good chance that when you walk into your shop or supermarket, that you can be fairly certain that the shelves are well stocked with fresh produce. So do you really need to buy all before you. I for one never buy more than I might eat in a week. That was the way we used to shop before we had the convenience of a local supermarket to depend on.

Also consider this when buying fresh, is it also available frozen ? Spinach being a prime example, in fact in the average pack you get much better value for your money. Some things will always have to bought fresh like most fruit but most berries can bought frozen.

If you choose frozen over fresh, you are pretty much guaranteed to use all of it rather than giving your local binman / garbage man more work to do.

Whenever possible I also try work my trip to the shop into my exercise routine of regular walks. So relax, reduce wastage and buy less and as well getting the benefit of that extra exercise, the other benefit will be to your weekly shopping spend.

Anyone fancy an apple ?


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