Variety Is The Spice Of Life


In your efforts to live a more healthy life, I am sure like me exercise plays a very important in the overall mix. However over time I am sure that boredom might creep in. So why not mix it up from time to time.

Whether you exercise in the local gym, jog or just walk locally – variety is the spice of life. I myself have yet to get up on the treadmill or break into a jog, for me it’s walking that really floats my boat as they. I like nothing more of a morning than  getting up, packing some water and supplies for the trip and head off.

It goes without saying that you should prepare for the conditions you might face and wear the right clothing. If it’s a bit chilly outside go for layers, sunny outside well something light and loose fitting, if it looks like rain well you know the rest.

It’s good to have a destination that you want to reach however far that happens to be, but do it gradually to start with, then once you get more comfortable extend it out a little further. Make sure that you have some fuel for the trip – for me it’s a bottle of water and some fruit. Now some will try to do it all in one go, but that’s not me. I usually pause somewhere along the journey either to eat some of what I have brought along with me or to drink some water or if your really adventurous walking a long distance that might be pausing at a local town mid point in your journey.

But even all you are doing is going to your local gym regularly, well change machines from time, different machines tend to work on different parts of the body. So say to yourself today I might concentrate on a certain part of the body and next time around pick a new machine, makes life a bit more interesting.

If you are out for a jog whatever route you take it’s a good idea like I have said previously to end it on a high, quite literally as it turns out. Finishing a route with an uphill section means that you will get more benefit from your exercise also another reason for mixing up is that if you always stick to the same routine so to speak, well your body gets used to that and the benefit you might get from exercising can reduce over time.




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