Food : Don’t Fear It


It seems that nearly every week we are being bombarded with messages like – Eat this and you will be so much healthier, then the next week it’s – Don’t eat this as it’s not good for you. These messages are not helpful to us. They might sell a few more papers or make for a highly viewed social media post but beyond that what useful purpose do they serve. In my opinion they just succeed in building up guilt when we eat certain foods.

This should not be the case, food should be enjoyed and the occasional treat does not do you any long harm. It is a daily choice in which we weigh up, should I eat this or this. Don’t overthink it,when trying to live more healthily it’s all about balance. If you decide to have a day of indulgence just enjoy it, don’t have a guilt trip after it. Balance it out on those non indulgence days by eating more healthy and fresher food. That really in essense is how to live more healthily, eat fresh whenever possible.Steer away from eating too many highly processed, high salt or sugar foods.

Of course these days when most of us now shop at our local supermarket rather than how our grandparents used to shop, it is kind of impossible to buy food that has not been processed in some way, but keep it to a minimum.

I for one on the days where I decide to go for the less healthy option on the menu do not go examining it with a fine tooth comb, I just enjoy that day where I step back from eating healthily.

I am going of on a bit of a tangent here but it’s important to not worry too much if you decide to eat something that is gone over or past it’s sell buy or best before date.It’s of course important to follow proper rules when preparing food, especially when defrosting meats and poultry and preparing on clean surfaces and reheating leftover food. Rice in particular should only be reheated once and generally eaten no more than a day after it was originally prepared. However if your ingredients are fresh like fruit or vegetables then one does not need to be quite as strict. I have included past by date fruit and vegetables that are more than a few days past that date into meals more than once and not suffered any ill effects.

Food should be enjoyed, so go out and enjoy it, don’t fear it.


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