Superfoods – How Have They Become So Popular ?


I am sure if you have even been a casual listener, watcher or reader to the media of late, you have probably heard this term superfood or you may even have some in your cupboard or fridge. Whether it’s a Goji berry or Chia Seed what makes them so special and are you overlooking some cheaper options that might actually give you what you are looking for without spending more.

Have you ever asked yourself – How super are these superfoods ? How much is hype and what is the actual truth ? Are we just following a current fad ?

While I am not saying don’t consider including them into living a more healthy lifestyle maybe before you spend a little bit extra on these foods just do a little bit more research into whether it’s actually worth spending that little bit extra.

Did you know that what you might be looking for in Goji berries – Vitamin C can also be got from Strawberries. In fact I saw a programme a short while ago on the television that measured how much Vitamin C you could expect to get from Strawberries v Goji Berries and the humble Strawberry.came out on top.

Chia seeds contain Omega 3 but then so does fish. These days whether it’s tinned or fresh, fish is very reasonably priced. Of all the fish Tuna is a great source Omega 3 and you can also get Omega 3 from eggs, but that is dependent on how much is in the chicken’s food. However it is also possible to get Omega 3 enriched eggs , which have a greater amount added to the feed. Look out for them amongst the other eggs in your local supermarket.

Less about price but another one that has become popular of later is Kale but have you ever considered Spinach. Both are nutritionally pretty similar and if you decide to go for frozen spinach over fresh, you can stretch those pennies even further. The average bag of frozen spinach contains about 10 times the amount you might expect to get from 1 bag of fresh spinach.Have to admit I have yet pay that little bit extra for Coconut water, it’s the original for me !!

So before you pay that little extra, ask yourself does paying extra always mean that what you are getting is any better than what is already out there or are you just following what’s fashionable or popular right now.


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