Why Not Microwave It?


With all of us seemingly spiralising our vegetables into lots of interesting shapes and employing our blenders to smoothie all our fruit, we might have actually have forgotten something that we already have in our kitchens that can help us live more healthly.

In fact when is the last time you used your microwave for anything other than heating up yesterday’s left overs. Microwaves seem to have to fallen out of favour of late as some wrongly assume that all they are good for is heating up prepared meals. But I am here to redeem the image of the humble microwave. I have yet to actually ever use a pot for making porridge in the morning, it’s always been the microwave for me .

With all of us trying to eat better these days, one of the most efficient and healthy ways to cook your vegetables is steaming. Steaming is great as it traps all of the goodness in the vegetables inside that cooking them in a pot might leach out. What does this well you ask, why a microwave of course.

If you want a quick and easy healthy treat, why not consider stewed apple which can be done so quickly in the microwave. Peel your apple, cube it or cut it up and put it in the microwave for no more than two minutes. Take it out of the microwave add some cinnamon and natural yogurt and some nuts and seeds on top. Instant healthy snack for one, quite delicious too !! Cooking apples work best but any apple will do if that is all you have to hand.

Might be time wipe that dust of the the top of your microwave then !!


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