Salt – How Can You Reduce Your Intake


A bit like sugar, another thing our body craves is salt. But too much salt is not good for your body. Eating processed foods means that the two ingredients you can be sure that will be included is sugar and salt. Over time consuming too much salt in your diet can lead to conditions like hypertension or better known as high blood pressure.

So what can you do to reduce to your salt intake and live a more healthy life. Well do you really need to always add salt into your food, I actually very rarely add salt into meals that I eat and don’t feel that I am missing out. So try it out, you might be suprised that it still tastes pretty good without it. Black pepper and herbs are sometimes what I tend to include into my meals as an alternative to salt.

Even if you like the odd fried breakfast and I certainly do, you can now get reduced fat bacon and reduced salt and sugar beans in your local supermarket. Add in some mushrooms and tomato and some fresh spinach leaves. If you want to have sausages then cut out the bacon, maybe consider poaching your egg rather than frying it and you are well on your way to living more healthy.

If you like adding sauces into your food, go for the tomato based ones rather the ones with cheese or meat in them as these tend to be lower in salt and added sugar. Feeling adventurous, why not make your own tomato sauce and add it into your pasta dishes.

Bake, roast or steam your vegetables, this way a lot more of the goodness stays in the vegetables. Boiling in water means that a lot of that goodness quite literally gets boiled away. Also by cooking your vegetables this way you will find that really don’t need to add salt into the cooking process.

Salt is not a bad word in trying to live more healthily, just watch your daily intake and as I have mentioned before always check the labels on your products to see how much salt is contained in them.


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