Here Comes The Summer


Seeing as we are moving into the summer in the northern hemisphere at least, I thought it was timely to mention the importance to your body of getting out into the sun. It’s all part of living a more healthy lifestyle and gives us a more positive outlook on life. More than that our body needs sunlight to live healthy.

To not get it, means that we can become anemic and lacking in vitamin D in particular. Vitamin D is an important building block for our bones whatever age you are and also helps the body to absorb calcium. If you don’t get Vitamin D from being out in the sunshine you can also get it from particular foods like fish and liver.

It goes without saying that it is so important to keep well hydrated if you are out in the sunshine. While the odd brew or two on a sunny day is nice, don’t overindulge as alcohol will cause you to become dehydrated. If you do decide to drink ,make sure that you also drink lots of glasses of water as well to help negate some of the side effects of alcohol.

While being out in the sun is beneficial, it also important to temper your exposure when the sun is at it’s strongest. Loose light fitting clothing is best and natural fibres like cotton are ideal, don’t forget to wear some headwear as well and make sure to apply suncream to your skin regularly or reapply it again if you have been in the water.

So get out there and enjoy the sun, as I have found living where I live in Ireland that good weather is fleeting and is always going to change.



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