Where Have You Bean All My Life – The Benefits Of Beans And Pulses


The ones in the picture are Borlotti beans but there are so many more out there in the greater pulses family that are of  benefit to include into your healthy lifestyle.

This bean and quite a few other pulses like Red Kidney, Butter Beans, Chick Peas and Lentils are all all low in fat, packed with protein,fibre, vitamins and minerals. Whether adding them into dishes like Chilli Con Carne, Curries or soups they are all of great benefit to adding to your required daily intake.

While we are talking of things meals that are savoury and adding pulses into them, we should not forget that if you are looking for something to add to other meals like breakfast or even a quick snack, seeds are a great addition and are also packed full of protein and fibre. Sprinkle some seeds like Sunflower or Pumpkin into a bowl of natural yogurt along with berries or a healthy breakfast and you will set yourself up for all the rigours of the day.

These both seeds and pulses are a great way of obtaining protein and fibre for vegetarians and vegans who might otherwise find it harder to get these two in other meals that they eat, but even if you are a meat eater you will certainly benefit also from adding them into your meals.

Certain pulses in their rawest form like Red Kidney beans require that you cook them well before eating or they may cause ill effects if you don’t, but in general if you do make sure to do this everything will be okay. Don’t let this put you off including them into your meals. The easiest way to buy these pulses is in their tinned form.

In time as the world population grows even more, we may find that pulses will be a greater and greater part of our diets as there is a limit on the amount on the amount of arable land that we can set aside for cattle. As we use up more and more of the world’s resources pulses may become less of an afterthought and more of a necessity.



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