Are You Tempted ?


Well if you are trying some of my tips to live a healthier lifestyle, here’s a few more in case you find yourself slipping back into some old habits.

Just let me say at the outset that we do need to treat ourselves now and again, if we stuck to eating well all the time, we would have a very boring diet.

I am not going to say that I have not had the odd indulgence and enjoyed it and not felt guilty about doing it.

Here’s just a few ideas that might help. I might even repeat myself from time to time from previous blogs, but they are worth repeating.

Do always make sure to always keep your fruit bowl full, that way your body will get the sweetness it craves. You will be less tempted to eat that chocolate bar that is hiding at the back of your cupboard. Look you know it’s there somewhere !! If you do decide to eat a lot more fruit in a day,even it out with some dark green vegetables elsewhere in your diet.

Don’t be tempted to skip your breakfast – If you skip this meal, your body will be craving something to fill you up and if there is something sweet or salty around, you will be tempted to snack on this rather than something a lot more healthy.

I am going to sound like a broken record here, but Do hydrate yourself throughout the day, by doing this you will lessen the chances of you snacking or grazing on something high in sugar which will only satisfy your cravings for a short time.

Do treat yourself, maybe even set aside a day where you will eat what you want without any guilt being attached to it. It’s all about balance really, stick to your healthy regime on the days that you don’t treat yourself and with along a short daily exercise and good water intake, the scales will balance out.

Don’t be tempted to overindulge on alcohol too often, this will leave you dehydrated and there is also quite a few calories in the average drink and you might find that you exceed your daily calorie count faster than if you just ate something.

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself !! A good snack to avoid cravings is peanut butter and toast and maybe add in some sliced banana. Peanut Butter is great as it has good unsaturated fats in it and is very filling and you won’t be tempted to nibble on a less healthy alternative.


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