The 40:30 Exercise Reminder


As the summer weather in the northern hemisphere at least, tempts us out from our winter caves. I thought it was timely to repeat something I had mentioned in a previous blog.

The 40:30 exercise reminder relates to the optimum refueling time window for your exercise to have the most effect on your body and the benefits that accrue after any sort of physical exercise as part of living a healthier lifestyle.

If you tend to leave it much longer than that to refuel, the advantages that you can get greatly diminish the longer you leave it.

It goes without saying that after any sort of exercise your body will have burnt off some the energy you will have eaten previous.

I recently saw a TV programme which pointed that the benefits of refueling or eating are different for men and women. It seems that refueling before exercise will have the greatest effect for women, while the opposite tends to be the effect for men.

But which ever path you decide to go down so to speak, refueling at the right time is so important for the body. I know that quite a few people seem to skip breakfast these days due to time pressures, I however believe this to be a mistake. I for one always have breakfast and maybe just get even 5 or 10 minutes earlier and set aside some time for breakfast. Porridge topped with something blueberries and mixed seeds is ideal as these will release slowly over the morning and you will be less tempted to put your hand out and grab a quick release sugary snack when the mid morning slump kicks in, as it surely will if you decide to leave breakfast out.

If after exercising you are looking for something to nibble on, go for high protein or high fibre which will be best for replacing lost fuel. Also I have said it many times before but don’t forget to hydrate as this will also affect how much your body might be craving something sugary after exercise.




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