What’s In A Name ?



This article tends to relate more to the prepackaged juice smoothies that you can buy at your local supermarket. Did you know that what is on the front of the carton is not necessarily what’s in it ?

Well maybe I should explain myself better. Yes there will be some of that fruit contained in the carton and that will be probably what you taste but as a general rule it’s not the one that is the greatest ingredient.

Are the companies trying to hoodwink us ? No, not at all what they do is perfectly within the law. The reason as often happens comes down to cost. If the product listed on the front of the carton was actually the major ingredient, well they would have to charge a lot more for it than they actually do.

Say for example you purchased a carton with Pomegranate or Blueberries in it, turn the product around and there is a good chance that the fruit that has the greatest amount in the carton is Apple, Orange or Banana. Another reason that these fruits are used is it makes it more palatable when you drink.

If you decide to go for the preprepared juice smoothie over the one you might prepare yourself, just remember to moderate your intake of it. Natural fruit sugars are still sugar, even if you decide to pick this instead of going for the fizzy drink option as you think this might be the more healthy option.

Someone more learned than I once ” Eat your fruit, and juice your veg ” and while juicing will certainly remove some of the goodness in vegetables, eating fruit straight off the tree is always the more palatable option. Now of course in vegetables there are always exceptions Kale and Carrot being two examples, but the sound of a Parsnip and Potato smoothie does not exactly set the lips salivating does it !!

I suppose if you want to go the smoothie route prepare it yourself at home or if you are out at least go to somewhere that you can see it prepared in front of you.


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