What’s Your Reason For Selecting Gluten Free ?


Even a casual walk down the aisles of your local supermarket and you will find that the amount of gluten free products has suddenly grown.

What has caused this sudden explosion in the amount of products now available, well we all can’t have become coeliacs overnight can we ?

Being a true coeliac means that until recently you had examine those labels very closely. If you didn’t, bloating was just one of the less serious side effects of accidently consuming gluten that one could expect.

Gluten can normally be found in things like bread,cakes and pasta, but it might also pop in other things you won’t expect. Gluten is what gives dough that elastic quality.

Well back to the question at hand, why would a non – coeliac select a gluten free product ?

There is actually a mistaken assumption out there that if you select a gluten free product that this bestows some magical health benefit to the non -coeliacs amongst us. Well just let’s burst that proverbial  balloon, so to speak. The product may be healthy anyway just by virtue of it’s ingredients anyway.

In fact most gluten free products tend to contain more fat and sugar as a result of the gluten being taken out. You actually might be better if you are not a coeliac, just selecting the non gluten free option for health reasons.If that is why you considered going gluten free. These gluten free products also tend cost more than the non gluten free product as well. Price in some rare occasions like this, does not always mean better.

A bit more investigation into what else you might be eating as part of your lifestyle could be warranted, as this might actually be the reason why you are having an upset tummy and absolutely not connected to anything with gluten in it.







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