Tasty N’Healthy Pizza


Who doesn’t love pizza, but if you decide to buy a frozen one from your local supermarket or decide to order in, well how can I put this kindly don’t examine too closely the calories contained therein. One average size pizza can contain as must as nearly half your daily calorific intake depending on the base or toppings !!

So here’s a little recipe that’s both tasty and healthy. Believe me once you have tried it you won’t ever want to back to the shop or take away ones ever again.

Firstly heat up your oven at 180 degrees for about 15 mins. While you are doing that you can start preparing all the ingredients for the pizza. It might be worth investing in some ingredients which can be used in this and for other meals.

This one does not even require you to make a pizza base, buy some wholemeal tortilla bases. Ones about 12 inches in width are ideal. Whatever you don’t use this time around can be held over in your store cupboard or freezer for next time.

Now for the fun part, maybe involve the younger ones in the family in making them as this is a great introduction to starting to teach them how to cook.

Get out your tube of tomato puree and start spreading, because this cooks so fast it advisable to spread it right out to the edges. Whatever topping you decide to use is really up to yourself. I tend to lean to the non meat toppings but that is just really my personal preference. Cut up some cherry tomatoes and mushrooms and black olives and start laying them out randomly on the tortilla base, pop on some spinach leaves and sprinkle on some mixed herbs from those little glass jars that can be bought quite cheaply at your local store. If you are investing in those mixed herbs buy a jar of mixed peppercorns as well and grate them over the pizza.

I tend to grate some low fat white cheddar over what’s on the pizza so far, but if mozzarella is more your speed just use that instead. Drizzle a small amount of olive oil over everything if you like. But it still tastes pretty delicious even without it. If you have some fresh basil to hand, use it as a final garnish. Basil pesto or dried basil can also be used, if you can’t get your hands on the fresh stuff.

While you have been doing that your oven has been heating up. It is probably easier if you have prepared the pizza on an open baking tray or flat baking tray while the oven has been heating. Now transfer the pizza into the hot oven and wait no longer than 8 minutes, that’s right folks any longer and it may burn. Even the fastest shop bought might take longer than that to cook. So no sitting down to watch you favorite TV programme, might be better to just put it on record.

Well as it a tortilla base you can either pick bits off or roll it and eat that way. Oh dear since I started writing this I have made myself very hungry, my mouth is quite literally watering.

P.s If all you require is a little lunchtime snack, then substitute the tortilla base for something like one seeded ciabatta roll sliced in two as your base. Cooking time is exactly the same and reduce the amount of topping accordingly




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