Should We Add Activity Based Calorie Count To Our Food Labelling ?


I was watching a BBC news report this week and the question was posed based on an article that was in a medical journal, if along with everything else that is now on our food labelling should we add an activity based count as well.

Let me explain this in more detail, say for example you ate an average ready meal. This would relate to the amount of exercise required to burn off the calories in this meal.

There in lies the problem, we have got far to used to eating on the go or eating something in a ready meal in preference to cooking with fresh ingredients as we assume that cooking from fresh is going to take longer to prepare. I have found from recent experience that this a myth. Quite a lot of meals prepared with fresh ingredients with a little bit of prep take not much longer to get ready than the average cooking time of most ready meals.

If this activity based calorie count was to have any effect, it pre-supposes that we are all very active. Sadly based on current figures the opposite seems to becoming more and more the norm.

I pose this question to you ? If you looked at this new label and it said it would require 30 minutes of moderate exercise to work off what you were about to put in your mouth would you be tempted to return it to the supermarket shelf.

I have to admit that I don’t really even calorie count based on the current labelling when it comes to food, I tend to pay more attention to things like the sugar,salt and saturate count in the packaged fresh food that I eat.

But more often than not, I make sure that what I now eat is as fresh as possible and steer away totally from processed foods. Freshest is always best and if you happen to eating fruit within your diet, you don’t even need to juice it. You will get a lot more goodness out of something like an orange if you just eat as nature intended – straight from the tree.


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