Watch Those Portion Sizes !

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With a report coming out last week that very soon both Ireland and the UK will have a greater proportion of obese people in the population, I though it was timely to talk about how much you actually eat when you eat. We are starting catch up on these numbers in the population of the United States. While I think as a country we should always strive to be better, I think that is one accolade that we don’t want to have. It will in time even trickle down to increased spending on healthcare to deal with this issue, if it has not already done so and will hurt us all in our pockets as well. The increase in pounds will not just be on our waistline.

As a coincidence, I happened to catch a TV programme which examined how much extra food is now actually in ready meals. I am sure like me you might have though that less food was actually being put in them. Well the packaging maybe less but it appears that is not the case when it comes to what is inside that packaging. The average portion size has increased from about 250 to 300 grams per meal back in the 1990’s to up to 400g today.

That is why it is so important that when you decide to have a meal that you go for the fresh  option wherever possible way you can control that portion size better.

It is also important if you are serving more than one meal that you take note of who you are serving. The average adult man requires no more the 2500 Kcals per day and the average women about 2000 Kcals. So if you serving both a man and a woman don’t forget to take that into account. As we happen to be talking about who we serve, if you happen to have children or older members in the family they actually require less Kcals than the average man or woman probably closer to 1700 – 1800 Kcals per day, so dont’t forget that when thinking about what you want to cook for your family through out the day.

An increase in portion size is not unique to meals that we share at home, the same seems to be happening when we decide to eat out as well. We all need to treat ourselves from time to time, life would be a bit boring if we didn’t, but don’t forget to consider this when you eat out.



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