Porridge .. Not just for breakfast!

I really like this recipe for it’s simplicity can’t wait to pop down to the shops, get the ingredients and heat up the oven for delicious and nutritious Porridge Bread. Well done thelittlestpolkadot blogger and supporting Irish producers is a nice little bonus !!

The Littlest Polkadot


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We have heard this said for years, and years. But, I do firmly believe that a substantial breakfast really does set you up for the day ahead. It sends you off about your day on the right path. Perhaps you’re not a cereal person, like myself. I prefer eggs, and toast, and a cup of tea. I do tend to avoid bread at the best of times, or keep it for a treat, as I bloat really easily, and try to keep an eye on my weight for the most part.

Somebody suggested trying porridge bread a while back. I love Porridge, and I love bread.. Win, win! My first attempt at making the bread, was in no uncertain terms, a flop! After a year or so, i have now mastered the recipe, and I now bake a couple of batches…

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