Better To Change Your Lifestyle Rather Than Your Diet


It is interesting that I happen to be writing this just after Easter, when let’s be honest we all like to eat a bit of chocolate. If you happen to be on a diet right about now, chances are you probably feeling a little guilty today about that indulgence. Don’t be.

Diets don’t work, there I have said it. Why ? Diets deny you things that you body has gotten used to eating and with temptation at every turn unless you have the willpower of a monk chances you are going to slip. Diets may work for a short period and you may get short term benefits for a time, but despite your best efforts eventually your previous food habits will start to creep back in.

A better approach is to take a more holistic view of it. Look instead at changing your lifestyle. I have said it quite a few times before but I suppose it bears repeating as this approach will have a better chance of success.

When I started my journey, I resolved to not even mention the word diet to myself but said what I needed was a lifestyle change. I have come to realise over time that to leave out any one of the these vital steps when changing your lifestyle will mean that you will take two steps forward and one step back.

I refer to these as the Holy 3 of Lifestyle Change

  1. Improve your water intake – Hydrate as you exercise and after as well.
  2. Look at what your eat as a whole – The fresher the better.
  3. Regular and consistent exercise – Start 3 times weekly with a 30 minute walk, increase gradually.

P.s With that last one, it is also important to refuel with food that is high in protein and fibre rather than sugar.

I hope you have found this little refresher informative, so don’t diet change your lifestyle.




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