Why Exercise?


If you are considering living a more healthy lifestyle along with improving your food intake and upping your water intake, you really can’t leave out exercise.

When you are considering exercising more it is important to ease into it rather than just suddenly running a marathon. Just start with a 30 minute daily walk 3 times a week to begin with and then add in an extra walk on another day, after that maybe consider adding a little extra distance to your walk.

You can of course consider jogging or using a gym or if you are really fortunate, use exercise machines that are in a park. But whatever exercise you do make sure that you push your exercise boundary a little but not too much, by doing this it will not to be too much of a shock to the body and you are less likely to sustain an injury. It is worth pointing out also that you should always go to your doctor for a check – up before considering taking up any exercise.

Now for the footwear on your feet, buying a more expensive pair does not always mean that it will be of more benefit to your exercise routine. Consider instead – Do they feel comfortable on your feet ? Do they have space for movement ? Do they provide protection for your feet ? If they tick these boxes then they are the shoes for you. Don’t be swayed by the shop assistant in the sport shop who may steer you to a more expensive pair or one that looks really flash and colourful. My personal walking shoes were not that expensive, have no brand name and were bought at a department store chain. I have yet to come back from my walk with blisters on my feet and they afford me a bit of weather protection, if the weather decides to turn a bit nasty !!

As we started this article talking about eating better and your water intake, this is where we will finish.

As you exercise it is so important that you hydrate as you do so, your body will naturally crave more water because you are pushing it physically. Take a short break now and again to do this and you will find that you will feel much better at the end of your exercise. As well as upping your water intake while exercising don’t forget to refuel. We can be so fixated on having set meal times that we can forget to eat after exercising, this is a mistake.

The best foods to consider when refuelling  are ones that are high in protein and fibre rather than sugar. While you may get initial relief from a sugar based drink or food, this will not last and you will find yourself getting a short hit from the sugar but in time your body be seeking more in the long term. After exercise the most benefit can be derived by refuelling about 30 to 40 minutes after finishing your exercise.

P.s You will find that you will not notice you are exercising, if you have company while walking or exercising. So whether you decide to ask a friend along with you or just listen to the radio or music while you exercise, why not start today your body will thank you for it.


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