Might You Be A Skinny Fat Person ?


You are probably thinking that I am talking about my daily choice of coffee beverage, no actually I am talking about the fat that you don’t see. It is the one that is inside you. To give it it’s proper name it is called Viseral Fat.

Now I am not suggesting that you give up your daily coffee or the occasional treat. I for one like nothing better than the odd chocolate bar and will not be not be going for the healthy option come Easter time.

Well we all need fat inside us, otherwise our organs would bounce around like a pinball in a pinball machine. ” Thanks for that lovely visual image !! ” says you.

Even if you have no visual cue from the outside, it’s still important to watch your general food intake. Viseral Fat surrounds your organs and the more that surrounds them, means all of these have to work a little harder to keep you on the straight and narrow. A bit like a car, if what is inside the engine that is your body has to work that bit harder, the parts just won’t last as long and no-one wants that do they !!

It’s really all about living a healthy lifestyle, you might notice that I have not said a healthy diet. All diets have their place and may succeed in decreasing both external fat and internal fat. But if you can’t sustain it for any meaningful lenght of time it’s degree of success is always limited by ones commitment to sticking to the regime. I for one do not want to find myself only munching on lettuce leaves and celery sticks !! I want a bit of variety in what I eat and your body will too.

Think about it like this I suppose – Moderate exercise +Taking note of  what is in what you eat + Good water intake = A much healthier body and something that can be sustained long term and will have the greatest benefit to your long term general health.

I hope that you have found this informative and I don’t want you to deny yourself treats from time to time or never not enjoy eating out with friends or family at a cafe or restaurant. Just from time to time maybe take a little longer when walking around your local supermarket and occassionally turn your shopping choice around and examine the label a little closer.



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