Milk, Bean , Seed or Grain ?


Well unless you have a lactose intolerance or another allergy, which one is best really comes down to a matter of personal choice.

My personal choice is low fat skimmed milk, as it is lower in fat, but not really by much. When it comes to everything good that milk has whether it’s full fat or skimmed, you pretty much get the same from both.Cow’s milk tends to have better bioavailability for the body than the alternatives like soya, this means that the body can absorb more of the goodness within the milk.

If you do go looking for alternatives to milk, try soya milk – unsweetened is the best one to go for. The calcium and vitamin count in soya milk is lower than cow’s milk, but tends to be re-added before you come to buy it from your supermarket.

Other alternatives are almond milk and rice milk, but the last one is not recommended for younger ones in the family. Like the soya milk option,almond and rice milk contain less calcium and vitamins, so make sure that you buy the fortified version whether it’s soya, almond or rice option.

However whatever choice of milk you decide to go for make sure that what you are pouring it on, over or in, is a healthy option !!



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