Did You Get Your 5 A Day Today?


Well you are thinking to yourself ” He’s talking about fruit and vegetables again !! ”

Well sort of but not directly. My five a day actually relates to eating 5 times a day. Seems to fly in the face of following a food regime that you might be sticking to, doesn’t it.

It starts right at the opening of the day. Here’s a question, did you skip your breakfast when heading out the door this morning. It is so important that you not skip this particular meal. Let’s even break up this word, break – fast. This is quite literally what you are doing when you have your breakfast – so whether it’s porridge, muesli or whatever healthy option you decide to select.


Notice that last highlighted portion of the sentence –healthy option , the same can be said for all the other meals that you eat throughout the day. Once you have had breakfast when break time rolls around and you are having a mid – morning snack, why not select some nuts and seeds and raisins or another healthy option is a small natural yogurt with fresh fruit added to it. Or just snack on fruit if you prefer, but if you find that you have eaten a lot of fruit in the day, make sure to balance those natural sugars out by upping your intake of darker vegetables in other meals.

If you want to eat healthy and well throughout the day. No matter what you select, here’s the things to look for in your food – select anything that’s lower in fat and low in natural or added sugars. Select anything that has a good proportion of protein and fibre also.

If you follow these guidelines along with a good intake of water and moderate exercise, you will be well on the way to eating healthy and well. It really comes down to looking at what you are eating and if what you eat 5 times a day is more nutritious, then you will be less likely to want snack on the less healthy food options.


However don’t forget to treat yourself occasionally, just balance that out on the other days. After all I don’t expect you to be just munching on a lettuce leaf or celery stick !!





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