We Really Must Talk About Water

water-321847__180 (1)

We can go without food for quite a long time, but water is quite literally life giving. We can’t survive without it.

Here’s a question for you – how much water did you drink today ? 1 litre, 2 litres perhaps. To stay properly hydrated and to make sure that your body operates to it’s best, add those two together and maybe even a extra one for good measure.

Just a note however if you decide to follow this advice -don’t plan on going on any long trips to start with. Your body can only hold onto a certain amount for a limited time. I don’t need to elaborate, I will let you fill in the blank spaces. The good news is however in time your body will get more used to absorbing this amount.

Here’s an interesting fact about your food intake. You have had your meals for the day but you find you are still hungry, you go to the cupboard and take something out. You should actually walk a little further to the tap and pour yourself some water.

Often what we think are food cravings is actually our body saying ” Please give me more water “. You will find in doing this simple thing that those extra food cravings will disappear.Should you want a mid -morning or evening snack, maybe have a natural yogurt with some fresh fruit and nuts added to it, almonds are particularly good to add into this mix as they are high in protein as long as you are not allergic to them. When it comes to fruit, Blueberries and Cranberries are a great option.

You might be wondering why I have said natural instead of low fat. Many low fat products are actually quite high in sugar content – 5 teaspoons are all we need per day. Some products can give you that in one serving. In some rare cases you might be better just sticking with the non low fat option, but that’s for the next blog.

Water is great for lubricating our joints and flushing out those toxins that our body can’t use. Here’s another great reason for drinking more – In time your skin will get smoother without even needing to go near any creams. Watch those compliments flow !!

Water is also great for aiding digestion. There are of course many more benefits to drinking more water, but I will drop these into future blogs. That’s quite enough facts for today, isn’t it !!


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