Welcome Readers


Hello everybody and welcome to my new blog about food and a healthy lifestyle.

If you have read my about section then you will now know that this is not a blog about trying to follow any specific diet. While diets work in the short term and you will drop weight, more often than not they are very difficult to sustain on any long term basis. Then before you realise it, you get disheartened and those habits that you were trying to break start to creep in again.

This blog is more about changing one’s lifestyle and looking more closely at things on those labels on the products in your shopping trolley and shopping smarter. It might surprise you to know that my weekly shopping bill has not required me to take out a second mortgage to afford to eat healthily.

Just a quick note of advice, if your local pharmacy offer a blood pressure test or BMI test – that’s a Body Mass Index test, avail of it. Mine does and is better to have this information to hand as it will help you further in knowing which direction to follow. Well worth it and more often than not there is no charge for this. By the way we will revisit Body Mass Index in a later blog, so keep an eye out for that.

My first proper blog will examine, something none of us can live without – water. It does quite literally sustain life. I hope you will revisit my blog and enjoy reading it.




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